8 Massages for $370

8 Massages for $370

Regular price $560.00 $370.00 Sale

8 massages for $370- over 40% off our regular price!

1.     Offer cannot be combined with insurance or used as part of an auto accident case. You can still use these visits if you have insurance (especially if this works out cheaper for you). No insurance will be billed and this will not go towards your deductible.

2.     Offer cannot be used for Medicare patients.

3.     Massages may be shared (For example, you receive 5 massages and your spouse receives the other 3 massages)

4.     Refunds can be issued on unused visits prior to 07/04/2019 upon request, but all visits expire and no refund will be provided after Independence Day 2019. (You have a full year to use your visits).

5.     Gift certificates can me made upon request for any massages you choose to give away.